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“If you won’t STOP the pesticides, we will!”

Standing Together to Outlaw Pesticides (STOP) demonstrated outside, replicating the reality of toxic spraying, while bringing awareness to chemical trespass. Members of STOP and communities across the State are frustrated over the States apparent unwillingness to stop the pesticides from trespassing into communities, onto properties, and into bodies.

The meeting at the Triangle Grange was held by The Oregon Health Authority to discuss their assessment of the ongoing investigation into whether local residents were exposed to pesticides from the timber industry’s helicopter spraying of clear-cuts.

The Exposure Investigation was put on hold March 8, 2012 due to timber industry choosing to move their chemical applications. The change in local pesticide applications has made it more difficult for OHA to fully answer the questions posed by The Exposure Investigation.


OHA releases Public Health Assessment

on Highway 36 Exposure






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