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Trees_GreenThis website will be transitioning into Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance! This group is collecting signatures to get an Aerial Herbicide Spray Ban in Lane County! Stay tuned to learn more about how Lane County is Standing Together to Outlaw Aerial herbicides!!!










“If you won’t STOP the pesticides, we will!”

Members of STOP and communities across the State are frustrated over the States apparent unwillingness to stop the pesticides from trespassing into communities, onto properties, and into bodies.

The Exposure Investigation was put on hold March 8, 2012 due to timber corporation choosing to move their chemical applications.
The change in local pesticide applications has made it more difficult for OHA to fully answer the questions posed by The Exposure Investigation.

OHA releases Final Public Health Assessment on Highway 36 Exposure Investigation


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~Clearcut Chemicals~

We are STANDING TOGETHER to put a STOP to the “ultra hazardous” activity that the corporate timber interests have been getting away with for over 30 years.

We want the pesticide cycle to end. We are actively supporting solutions, such as selective harvesting, where the need for pesticides is obliterated. You can help us!


A timely example of how the Oregon Forest Practices Act, a corporate written law, favors corporate timber by elevating their rights, over the rights and health of the community! Failing to protect the people of Oregon and failing to protect their drinking water, residents in Curry County are experiencing first hand what happens when the State won’t protect you. Taking months to get spray records from ODA, so they could get medical help, Cedar Valley residents are seeing up close how the regulatory system is set up to be a buffer between the community/citizen and the corporate harm-doer!

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